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    Open pdf to specific page is working in XP but not Vista




      I have a Flash project consisting of multiple pages. On each page there is a  link that will allow the user to open a pdf to a specific page to supplement the  information contained in the Flash page.


      To do this I am attaching the following script to the button on each  page:


      on (release) {
          getURL("My document.pdf#page=37");



      This works fine in Windows XP. I can navigate to different pages in Flash and  open a different page in the pdf each time.


      It is not working for me in Vista. What it does in Vista is the first time  you click on the button it will open the pdf to the specified page. The problem  is that if you hit that button again or navigate to another page and click on  that button to open another page in the pdf, it opens the pdf but only to the  first page and ignores the specified page request.


      The project will be running from a cd only.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.