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    Critique on the Flex Builder 3

    Davinel Linvega


      I was using the Flex Builder quite a bit over the last half year and I'd like to name some of the features I'm used to from other IDEs, that I really miss in the Flex Builde 3.

      If one of my points is already implemented and I'm just to dumb to activate or use it, please just tell me.



      1) Variable Highlighting - In Netbeans, I just click on the variable name and netbeans hightlights all uses of the variable in the document itself and in the scrolling panel. This is just so useful and ways faster then the detour with strg + f.


      2) FlexDoc - It would be really really nice if you could implement a Javadoc like FlexDoc functionality. This helps alot when you're using external methods, when the code suggestion window has this neat little description of what the method is doing and improves the helpfullness of in-code-comments alot.


      3) Window Tab Closing -  It would be nice if you could close the Windows with the middle Mouse Button. This would just be nice, but isn't mandatory.


      4) Code Correction Checks - It's annoying that Flex only checks for code correction after saving, this is just to slow, please change this so that Flex performs the checks after the User stops writing, like for example NetBeans does.


      5) Check for Initialized Variables - Currently there seems to be no check if the variables have been initialised. This can't be too hard to implement and just helps alot.


      6) Convert Flex Tags to Actionscript Function - Consider we have something like <mx:Button label="Button"> and we want to create this button in Actionscript instead of the Flex way, for whatever reason. We do I have to search the documentation on how I'm able to recreate this button in Actionscript when I basically know how to create it -  with the Flex Tags.

      As far as I understood this, Flex internally converts the tags to actionscript code, so why don't give the developer a way to convert them himself, so that he exactly knows what is happening when he uses the Tags.


      That are pretty much the things that bug me the most.

      I don't expect that the developers will read this and just go "hey this dude is totally right, let's do all this", but if this spawns a nice little discussion and it turns out that a lot of developers miss some of the features... well, maybe one day they might be integrated ;D