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    AS2 - Manipulating & Displaying Remote Images


      Hi -


      I've been handed a few Flash files written in CS4, but in ActionScript 2.  I know enough ActionScript to be dangerous, but I am far from a Flash developer.


      At the high level, the Flash file loads an image, rotates a portion of the center of the image, and allows the user to drag the rotated piece into the proper position (solving a puzzle, basically).


      This worked GREAT when the images were loading from the local server.  We've changed to remote cloud hosting for the images, though, and now are experiencing issues.


      The images still load (we have all of the security and cross-domain policy files in place), but any time we try to rotate the center portion of the image we get a plain gray box instead of the rotated portion of the image.


      What's weirder is that the rotated image portions show up fine in the IDE Flash player.  But when viewed through a web browser the static portion of the image will load, but the rotated portion will not.


      What am I missing?  This cannot be this difficult, can it?


      I've attached the FLA file with hard-coded paths so you should be able to see how this works.  You'll have to view it through a web browser to see it break down.


      Thanks in advance.