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    as2 fscommand not working


      Basically I want to use fscommand to write a local file. I think there may be some issues -- 


      variable = "1235";

      path = "file.txt";

      fscommand ("save", path);

      textbox1.text = "HI"; //just so i know it is getting to this point.



      One, does this work on vista? I am running vista so that may be why its not working.


      Two, I also heard rumors about it not working in IE7 or higher, is that true?


      Three, I also have read that it only works when running the swf file in flash projector, is that true?

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          logeye Level 1

          If I understand you correctly, I think the 'shared object' might be what you need.


          The AS2 Language Reference in F8 starts off like this:


          "The SharedObject class is used to read and store limited amounts of data on a user's computer. Shared objects offer real-time data sharing between objects that are persistent on the user's computer. Local shared objects are similar to browser cookies. ....."


          hope that helps.