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    Streaming result of <cfpdf> merge to browser, NOT file on server


      Hi guys, as my title suggests...I have a PDF document that was created with cfdocument...I then have used cfpdf to merge the results of that PDF with 2 other PDF's to make a final document...my question is, how to do get this resulting PDF to open in the browser (as it can with cfdocument) instead of writing a physical PDF file on the server?  I just need the user to be able to see and print the file, not actually save it on the server itself.


      Something like:


      <cfdocument format="pdf" name="pdfsource">

      stuff here


      <cfpdf action="merge" destination="temp/test.pdf" overwrite="yes">
          <cfpdfparam source="pdfsource">
          <cfpdfparam source="includes/nlv_affidavit.pdf">
          <cfpdfparam source="includes/nlv_certapp.pdf">


      So far my research has turned up nothing on this particular instance, strangely.


      Thanks in advance!