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    Layering Flash on top of Shockwave in browser

    John Alsh

      I'm new to Director and am in the process of evaluating it.  So far it looks like a promising product for what I'm looking to do except the following:


      Is there a way to layer a flash object on top of a shockwave object in a browser?  I need to be able to move the flash object above and/or behind my shockwave object.  So far, layering flash objects works fine.  I can make flash object A render on top of flash object B (with transparency).  I can then reorder it via javascript so that B is on top of A.  Again, this is at the browser level, the flash objects are not part of a director export.


      It also works to layer silverlight objects and flash objects.


      I'm currently just using shockwave games to do the test.  Is there some sort of authoring setting that might fix this problem?


      Does the shockwave plugin not listen to z ordering commands?  Ideally I'd like to also have shockwave render some transparency so I can see the flash object that is underneath it (or vice-versa).


      thanks for any help.