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    Question from a Newbie. Can I use an Adobe Reader API in MFC application?


      Hello folks.

      If I am in the wrong forum, could you kindly suggest a more appropriate forum?


      This is a pretty basic question.

      I have downloaded the SDK and looked, but I am still a bit uncertain. Simply because there is a ton of information there, and this is all new to me.


      I have a Visual Studio MFC application. (Visual Studio 2008)

      I would like to modify the application to read a fillable PDF form, and I would like to programmatially populate some of the field data as it is displayed on the screen. This might be considered writing a PDF, but I think it is only filling it out, since I can do this with Acrobat Reader. I presume there would be an API available to do this.


      I saw something about IAC, so perhaps that where I need to investigate.

      I am the developer. Do I need to buy Adobe Acrobat? Or is the Reader adequate for this?

      Will my customers need to buy Adobe Acrobat? Or will Reader be adequate?

      It is one thing for me as a developer to go and buy the tool to enhance the application, but a different question, if I go to the end Users and tell them they need to buy and install Adobe Acrobat.

      I do not mind having either discussion, I just want to know ahead of time which discussion I need to have.


      Are there different APIs available for different Windows OS? One for XP, one for Vista 32bit, one for Vista 64bit, one for Windows 7..... etc.

      Or is it the same solution no matter the platform?


      I am looking for advice.

      Any would be appreciated.