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    Exporting to AVI - Help!




      I am using PP CS2 in Production Studio CS2 and have been a user of it since it came out.  I prefer to export projects out of Premier Pro to .avi and then let Encore do the transcoding for several reasons.  Unfortunately I believe I have somehow screwed up the export to .avi settings.  Exporting to Microsoft DV AVI seems to be working, except that the quality of the exported .avi looks pretty crappy. In the past, I have exported to .avi and ended up with very nice looking .avi's.  So I must have been using some other setting. However when I try to export to .avi using the other settings, Premier says my one hour project is going to take 2 full days to export!!!  I've never had anything like that happen before!!   So the question is, to export to .avi what is the best export setting(s) to use?  Which codec?  Whatever Premier Pro was originally set to worked great. Now I can't seem to find whatever that was since I accidently changed something in the export settings.  I of course want to preserve the quality of the video before Encore transcodes it. So I need to export to an .avi file that maintains the quality of my original DV video.  I am using WINXP.  The only thing "new" about this project is that it is SD 16 x 9 whereas all my previous projects were SD 4 X 3. But I can't imagine that being the explanation of why 1) the export using Microsoft DV AVI looks so crappy, or 2) using the other setting (Microsoft AVI) would take 50 hours to export!!!!


      Any help greatly appreciated.  I am about ready to export the project out to DV tape and then recapture it...but I'd much rather avoid having to go through all that...



      David S.