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    Add extra text to Disc Menu?


      I'm using PRE 8, and I want to add additional text blocks to a Disc Menu (the main menu) - can this be done?


      (Note: I'm not asking about adding more text to the default block - I want to add more blocks of text)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately, that's not possible in Premiere Elements Disc Menus workspace.


          You can, however, open the PSD files that serve as the program's DVD templates and add your text to them, if you know your way around a PSD file.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Using Photoshop, or PSE, this can be easily done, as Steve suggests.


            Because PrE sees Menus as "Sets," of both a Main Menu and also a Scene Selection Menu, I would suggest that you do your editing on a Copy of these Menu Sets, even if the text block is only added to one of these Menus. When Saving, I'd NOT Save over the existing PrE Menu Set, but create a folder in the proper hierarchy, and Save these altered Menu Sets there. Note the naming convention of the Menu Sets in PrE. You can add some characters to make this unique, but study that naming convention closely, as much of it is very important for PrE to function properly. In my case, I have a folder, "Hunt_Menus," where I Save any/all altered Menus (full Set, even if I only changed something on one of the two), using the important aspects of that naming convention.


            I've probably added a dozen "custom" Menu Sets to this folder.


            Good luck,



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              WHoit Level 1

              I'm pretty fluent with Photoshop, so I'll just make my own - thanks for the suggestion.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                You cannot do that at the level of the Create Menu section within Premiere Elements 8 or earlier versions. You would have to modify the .psd file for the DVD Main Menu Template which is located in the DVD Template Folder in the Program Files for Premiere Elements  8. You would need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements with the limitations mentioned below.


                That .psd file can be modified in Photoshop, essentially because you need to open the .psd layer sets to get to modifying or adding layers, and Layer Sets is a feature of Photoshop. BUT, you will find that at least Photoshop Elements 4, 6, 7, and 8 can open those Layers Sets EXCEPT if the DVD Menu Template is one of the HD ones.


                So, what project preset (new project dialog) did you select. That choice directs the program to open a specific class of DVD Menu Templates when you get to Create Menus. Also, what language are you using, English or other?


                Fill in the details, and I can give you a step by step. There are certain naming requirements for recognition purposes related for the layers.


                That is my best answer to the question for now.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I don't think he needs to go all the way down into the level of layer sets in order to add more, non-button text on a menu template, Tony.


                  He can just add them as a plain vanilla text layer, and Premiere Elements will just treat them like extra graphics.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    WHoit wrote about the DVD Main Menu....

                    (Note: I'm not asking about adding more text to the default block - I want to add more blocks of text)


                    Default block(s) mean to me the Play All and Scene Selection text typed into respective Play All and Scene Selection Text Block. Play All and Scene Selection are menu buttons each with it own text layer in its own layer set.



                    If you click on "Play All" and "Scene Selection" on the DVD Main Menu Template you get what looks to me (and I call) a text block. When WHoit asked about adding text blocks to the DVD Main Menu, I intepreted that as text blocks = menu buttons. Although Play All and Scene Selection present as text blocks when clicked on, they are main menu buttons and are structured as such in the .psd in separate Layer Sets.


                    Text as a graphic is an entirely different matter in the structuring of these templates. It is for WHoit to tell us what is going into these "text blocks"...something like three different blocks with the text Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3 respectively or a bunch of text in each of several blocks saying something like Having A Good Time Wish You Were Here and I miss you and The Weather is Great as part of the overall design of the DVD Main Menu.


                    That is my long version on the basis for my response. If my interpretation is off, then I will answer again accordingly.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      As you point out, this would be a totally different matter, depending on what WHoit really wants to do.


                      For me, "text blocks" mean graphics, but I can see how one could apply that term to Buttons. I was thinking of pure text graphics myself.


                      Because of the semi-automatic way that PrE handles the Menus and their Buttons, I could see a real "can of worms" trying to change things. Now, it's easy to do this with an authoring program, like Encore, because the author set the Links by hand, so other than the limit on the number of Buttons and making sure not to have any overlap, one can do as they chose. With PrE, most of that is handled behind the scenes and there is no real input from the author.


                      My above comments were addressing pure text graphics and NOT Buttons - two totally different things indeed.



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Modifying a pre-existing DVD Menu Template in Premiere Elements is quite easy to do once you have the Photoshop or Photoshop Elements how tos. I can supply the how tos if needed, I have been there and done that. The trick is to work from a copy of the original as a safety net which you do not usually need, but is good to have.


                        I have promised to do such a writeup for another forum that I frequent, but have gotten side tracked (no pun intended) by the Premiere Elements 8 first look.


                        And, I am sure that SG will steer WHoit to his subscriber write up at another forum depending on how WHoit defines the plan of action. Does matter which way the user goes, I think that we have WHoit covered.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          The write-up would be a good idea. Because of the special way that PrE handles Menus and the things that it automatically does with them, the exact tips would certainly be helpful to many.


                          When I first got PrE, I immediately went to the Library and began to study what I was seeing there. The .PSD's were far more involved, than those from Encore, though also .PSD's. The first thing that I saw was the number of language Button Layer Sets. PrE grabs the right one for the installed language. The next thing that I saw was that these were Menu "Sets," with both the Main and the Scene Selection Menus. In Encore, one Imports the various Menus separately (though there are Library Menus that work together, but you need to Import them separately, and do so for the number of Scene Selection Menus needed). I modified several of the PrE Menu Sets (Copies of those in the Library), just to see if there were any other tid-bits, that made these different.


                          I'd be glad to outline what I did, but it might be better coming from someone, who has more knowledge of the Menu Sets in PrE. I could well miss some little detail, that would be very important.




                          PS - I'll be curious as to exactly what WHoit needs.

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                            WHoit Level 1

                            (Sorry I took so long to reply)


                            Ok, I'm using the Disc Menu that is a gold picture frame on a wall next to a white column.

                            I understand that to the right of the frame is where 'chapter' or 'scene' buttons will show up if necessary.

                            I'm not concerned with those, I understand how they work.


                            What I'm referring to it under the picture frame and it's the 'movie title'.

                            It's an editable text block.

                            I know I can change/add text within this block, including color, font, etc....


                            However, everything within the text block has to be same - color, font, size, etc.


                            I want to add another text block - a 'subtitle' (not a button) so that I can vary the font, color, size etc.

                            and make it different from the 'movie title'.


                            Just like I can do here in this Forum:


                            My Stupid Video

                                           by WHoit



                            I would prefer to be able to do this in PRE8 so that I can change it easily,

                            but if I have to do it in Photoshop I am quite able to do so.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              That is easy. A text graphic Layer can be added, just above the Background Layer of the .PSD in PS. Please take ATR's, and my advice to do so with Copies of the Menu Set. I'd do this and Save exactly as you Open it in PS/PSE, into another folder within the "library" items folder structure. Even if you do not change the Scene_Selection Menu, keep them together for PrE's sake.


                              If you need the exact steps, please let me know, and I'll step you through the PS/PSE work.


                              Good luck, and thanks for getting back with your exact need. Glad that you picked Door #1, 'cause it was the "easy way."





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                                WHoit Level 1



                                I edited the .psd file, added another layer set containing a single layer with text block, opened it in PE8 and everything works fine.


                                A note to others who want to do the same: You must add another Layer Set - you can't just add another layer within an

                                existing set or PE* won't let you edit the text.


                                Thanks for everyone's help!

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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  I am glad to learn that you achieved your objective in your specific situation.


                                  But I would disagree with your generalization that you have to create a new layer set to obtain the text result as you described it.


                                  In what way was Premiere Elements not let you add text if you worked without creating a new Layer Set? Are you talking about ending up in a previous text block when you click too close to the existing text? If so, with Type Tool selected, hold down on the Shift Key as you click on the spot in the Monitor where you want to begin your text.


                                  I am almost certain that you were clicking too close to an existing text box, got the message that goes along with that situation, and did not realize what had to be done in that case.


                                  Since you said that you were fluent in Photoshop, I decided not to include that specific tip in prior discussions.


                                  Your further explanation would help to define the usefulness of your aside note to other users in the same situation as you were.



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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    In a PrE Menu, one has the Background Layer, then any number of additional Layers and Layer Sets (basically your Buttons). To add a Text Layer in PS, click on the Background then choose the Text Tool. This will allow you to add the necessary Text. You do not want to be in any of the existing Layer Sets, as they are your Buttons.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      WHoit Level 1

                                      ATR - As I wrote, PE8 would not let me edit the text unless I created a new layer set. I did not state that I wanted to add text. I added basic text in Photoshop (layer), then wanted to edit it (change it) in PE8. Exactly the same way that it works out-of-the-box - there is generic text ("Movie Title") that you edit/change in PE8.


                                      I wasn't clicking too close to another text block either.


                                      But please feel free to test it yourself - edit the file "art-in-motion_s_mm.psd", then add another Text Layer in the existing Layer Set for "title" and use the text "Movie Subtitle". Position the new layer far away from the existing ones so there is no confusion about being too close when you click.

                                      Save it and open it in PE8 and tell me if you can select and change the text "Movie Subtitle"....


                                      Then try adding another Layer Set "Subtitle", add a text layer to it "Movie Subtitle", save, and try again. (Don't forget to remove the layer you added in the first test.)

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                                        WHoit Level 1

                                        Hunt - Just a note - not all Layer Sets are buttons. In the menu I was editing, one of the layers is just text for a title.

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                                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                                          I will follow up on your request to check out that specific DVD Menu Template with which you worked.


                                          I have done all that you have said successfully without creating a new layer set, but let me look at the exact situation, using Premiere Elements 8 "art-in-motion_s_mm.psd".


                                          What category did you find this specific menu? Was it part of a photoshop.com collection?


                                          My Premiere Elements 8 tryout has expired, but the purchased copy should be installed any day.


                                          I will report back as soon as possible with my comments.


                                          Thanks for the follow up.






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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                            Here's a screen-cap of Photoshop, where I added a new Text Layer (not a Layer Set), with the required additional Text. Hope that this helps.




                                            Good luck,