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    Pure MVC

    SiHoop Level 1

      Can anyone give me a brief overview of what I can do with Pure MVC. I'm at a point where I am begining to learn the architecture but I don't have a sense of how the framework will be used. I know how to code in Flex, but what will I be able to do when I begin to program in the environment.

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          I'm having the same problem with the said framework. I simply need to study the basics on flex and adobe air using this framework. So far, I am looking for any brief introduction on how to properly used it or simply how to begin with it. I have experiences on MVC frameworks and adobe air development and I been studying Flex already and so far everythings fine.


          Have you find any how to's on this framework? or basically how is it used? Thanks.

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            1ndivisible Level 1

            PureMVC is an excellent framework, and there is a very succinct best practices document available on the pure mvc website here. The forums on the same site are also great and Cliff is probably the hardest working man in the Flash world and will answer any questions you have.


            However, I would suggest that you consider looking at Robotlegs instead of PureMVC. It is a logical progression on from PureMVC, cuting down significantly on the boilerplate code and using a simple but powerful system of dependency injection for far cleaner separation of concerns. There are a nice series of introductory articles on InsideRIA written by Joel Hooks that take you through the basics and show you how to set up a project, and there is a good community built around it with plenty of help when you get stuck.


            If you have to use PureMVC, keep in mind that it will be very easy to switch to Robotlegs when you get the cahnce as they share many of the same concepts.

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              UbuntuPenguin Level 4

                      I would have to suggest that you check out other frameworks before diving into PureMVC. Particularly the ones based off of Dependency Injection such as Mate , RobotLegs , Prana and so forth.


                         I too looked into PureMVC , but found a few showstopping problems.

              The first being the almost legally mandated absence of tutorials to get a new comer started. This was also something I felt was a problem with the Cairngorm framework also.


              The second problem was with the tutorials that are available.  A new user is inundated with new ideas and vocabulary (Mediator , Notification , Facade , Proxy and so on ) , but rarely is the motivation for any of the actors explained in a way that the user can employ on his own.


              The third reason was the examples that where available seemed so "heavy" with all the boilerplate code of which there is a lot , when setting up a single view ,(  requiring a view , mediator , and facade ).


              In addition , the PureMVC framework does not have databinding.  But if you can find a way to get up to speed and use it , more power to you.


              Sincerely ,


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                ajibanda Level 1

                Thanks 1ndivisible and UbuntuPenguin.


                I was just introduce with the term PureMVC just a week ago and yes this is not yet final and we can use other framework to keep our codes neatly done. I was just hoping to find a simple tutorial with this one. Even a simple Hello World would do that would show me the basics on how to start with this framework, and as a programmer those small kind of tutorials are very helpful in starting a big project.. As much as I wanted to ask on the forum of PureMVC, it seems that the registration for the forum was locked and so I couldn't ask.


                In the mean time, I'll try to look at the links that you posted and I'll just keep you updated. Thanks again.

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                  John Hall Level 4

                  I want to second the vote for Mate and RobotLegs. I like Mate because it's not quite as prescriptive on some things but

                  both can provide a solid IOC framework with which you'll be happy. There are projects that are more suited for each and I personally prefer Mate, but if you're just starting, I'd have to go with RobotLegs as the community seems to be growing and, thus, the documentation and examples will continue to expand.

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                    ajibanda Level 1

                    Before digging deeply on to what framework should I use, I think it would be better to discuss also what I'm using. I'm actually doing the developing in a Linux system. As of now, (as far as I know) the only version available fo for linux is Flex 3 which I'm running on Eclipse Europa. Would it affect my choice of framework? I've been reading some articles of robotlegs and most of the examples are on FlashBuoilder 4 (or Flex 4). Thanks for the advice.