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    Dynamic Mute Button Movie Clip Trouble

    Liberty Valence



      I've created a dynamic mute button for my project...


      The image is the little speaker, which has been converted to a Button symbol. When you click the button to mute, the sound mutes and a red "X" appears over the speaker icon.  The red "X" was created as a Movie Clip so that it appears and disappears as you mute and unmute.  Everything works except for 1 thing...


      ...after you click the button and mute, the red "X" does appear, however 1.) When the master movie recycles so does that X (it disappears).  The muting stays off, though.  Of course, then, if I want to unmute, I have to reclick the speaker icon to make the "X" reappear and then quickly click it again to turn the muting off (and I have to catch it before it recycles and disappears again).


      The action script is working fine, but here it is anyway.  I'm using AS2:


      var sound = 1;
      var offMC = _root.attachMovie("off","off01",99);
      off01._visible = false;
      off01._x = btn._x;
      off01._y = btn._y;
      var s:Sound = new Sound();
      btn.onPress = function(){
        off01._visible = true;
        sound = 0;
      else if(sound==0){
        sound = 1;
        off01._visible = false;


      I tried to add a keyframe and stop action to the "X" movie clip, but that stops the entire project.  The mute button then behaves how it should (the X stays there) and if I click the button again, the sound is unmuted but the movie remains static.  I also tried to add a stop action inside Edit mode of the nested clip.  That does nothing.  I tried different versions of the stop action and they don't do anything at all.


      How do I fix this and stop the X from disappearing until I click on it again?  (I'm sure the anwer is right under my nose, I just can't for the life of me figure it out! lol)