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    Casual Game Advice?


      Hi there experts,


      Does anyone have any wise words to share about releasing a casual game created with Director? Getting a Director created game onto BigFishGames.com etc...


      I've done many shockwave webgames, but am looking into this area and wanted to avoid any common pitfalls.


      Also, does anyone know a workaround to the full 3:4 screen game on a wide-screen monitor distortion issue? (other than creating two separate versions, one with slightly distorted sprites to counter the issue). Many games like Airport Mania don't bother, but Peggle Nights seems to have a work around (not a Director creation though I know) but only when 3d acceleration is set to one which infers it is a 3D x axis scaling trick.


      I'm using buddyAPI to test resolution swapping, and realize this is a sensitive area for many users. So many casual games though, including Peggle, change res without asking the user, so is this less of a taboo nowadays?


      Any thoughts or advice much appreciated!



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          greek_dude247 Level 1

          Just a comment. You might also want to check out Unity. Its built for 3d games and is much like Director but far more powerful and has a much livelier community.

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            Rix Level 1

            Thanks for the good advice.


            I have been keeping a very close eye on Unity (feels like so many others have already swapped) and had my finger hovering over the buy button at one point. However, reading the small print you can't export iPhone games with the PC version which was one of the attractions to making the shift to C# and the whole new way of working. Future changes like coding Unity C# within Visual Studio still seem some way off, and I'm mildly nervous about having the whole thing based on MONO with the patent issues hanging over it. There was a scare with the iPhone games too with many developers having Unity based games temporarily banned from the Apple App store recently.


            If you could export iPhone games on the PC version I probably would have changed over, but many of the casual games I plan to make will be 2D, which Director is still OK at. I think Unity would be superb if I was Mac / Maya based, but coming from a PC background using Lightwave3D (which still has export issues with Unity) I have been put off for now.


            Cheers, and thanks for taking the time to reply.


            Richard Smith

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              hwa-jun yu Level 1

              I haven't done casual games with director. But you can see successful titles of Mystery Case Files series using director (from serie 1 to 5), as well as Hidden Expedition series. Both are using director and created by Big Fish Studio.

              You can test the two games on widescreens yourself. But we've done many educational products with director, and not much complaints have been brought up.

              By the way, peggle was created by popcap, using their own popcap framework.