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    email attachments, easy for some difficult for others

    KONA Don

      aloha all,

      It's been about a month suince last question in the forum.

      I've been asked to send an email attachment to someone who's interested in some specific footage.  I must limit the size of the email attachment so that the total size of the email is no larger than 10Mb.  My email client is yahoo.

      I know the sequence properties will give me the time size of the sequence but not the byte size.

      My questions for this project are

      1) how do I maximize the time amount of footage on the sequence, while limiting the sequence byte size.

      2) What format should I render a HDV clip (NTSC-29fps-1440x1080_1.333) in for maximum resolution for email.

      3) Will rendering do anything to increase or decrease the file size in bytes.