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    Crosshair mouse tracker on Plot Chart


      Hi All,


      I have implemented a flex plot chart, which works fine (able to plot items to it).  I want to add a cross hair tracking device that will move along with the mouse.  The cross hair will draw a simple horizontal and vertical line crossing at the mouse pointer to the edges of the chart.  I already have registered for the mouse move event (I have a status line that prints the real world values based on x/y position as the mouse moves).  The crosshair implementation I have tried implementing causes the mouse tracking to act very strange...almost, in a lagging type behaviour.  I am using a Graphics object from the plot chart object.  I do a clear each time before I redraw the crosshair (as the mouse moves).  The 'clear' seems to be the core of the lag problem (if I comment out the 'clear', the tracking works fine..but of course the crosshair from the previous mouse position doesnt erase).  I didnt see an 'xor' type of function which is what I have used on like projects before. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      my plot char is  called tlat_chart.


      var G:Graphics = tlat_chart.graphics;



      G.moveTo(somex, somey);

      G.lineTo(newx, somey);