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    Need Help in scripts relating to subscripts

      I have encountered a HUGE problem in flash and I desperately need urgent help from flash experts out there so please hear me out. Here it goes >> I am currently working on ‘fill in the blanks’ questions and answer for my chemistry project and the thing is , I need to ENABLE other people who are going to do the questions I created to type ‘subscripts’ for example ‘3 2’. Now I have seen similar questions from other flash documents is also requires entering of ‘subscripts’ and they used some script in the flash document, WHICH is the user( person who is answering the questions) can type in normal fonts as well as subscripts by HOLDING down ALT key and typing the number, and the subscript would appear in the selected INPUT BOX. i have attached an image below for better understanding of my problem. http://img239.imageshack.us/my.php?image=problemyd5.jpg apart from that, i am also looking for a script that i can insert into my 'check' button at the bottom of the page to check the answers. To be specific, the script must be able to check the answers WHICH also includes SUBSCRIPTS for example ' HNO[SIZE="2"]3[/SIZE] or H[SIZE="2"]2[/SIZE]O ' as I fail to obtain the first script i mentioned which is the script that enables one to type in normal fonts AND subscripts by holding ALT key or something similar to that, i also fail to come up with a proper script for my 'check' button to check my answers. I hope readers of this passage are able to understand what i am trying to say here as well as help me solve my dilemma that i am facing. IN a nutshell, i am need 2 types of scripts now .....which are
      1) script that enables one to type in subscript by holding down the 'alt' key and typing the letter at the same time 2)and the second script which when embedded to my 'check' button, when CLICKED will be able to check the answers which includes SUBSCRIPTS.

      if you need any further information to have a better understanding, do tell and i will provide more pictures or even flash documents.