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    what effect can i use to re do this video


      how is the cornoring done?

      how is the text handled for movement?

      I am attempting to re do this video>

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You'll need to create a composition that represents both sides of the "display".  Once it's done. use a guide to define the centre (fold point) of the composition.


          Create a second comp with your background layer.  Add the 1st comp and apply a mask so that you can only the left half of the "display".  Then duplicate the layer and invert the mask on it.


          Make the two "display" layers 3D and position one at 90 degrees to the other, joining at the fold point.  Parent one layer to the other, then position the parent in 3D space so that it fits into your background plate.


          You may need to use trial and error to get the size of the "display" comp just right.  It looks like the demo video has had some color gradients/vignetting added to the edges around the fold point to accentuate the edge.


          There are many text animations in your clip.  Most are simple Animation Presets from within AE.  Any animation that moves through the entire "display" comp will appear to bend with the contours of the display.

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            nsdemon1 Level 1

            Thanks man I will work on this, stillnew to after effects so it will prob take me some time to do all that.

            but thank you for the help, hopefully i can get all that figured out>