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    Upon save, drop-down topics re-order or disappear

    Niesa Page Level 1

      RoboHelp HTML version 8

      Project recently converted from RoboHelp 5

      I am running Office 2007

      My project contains:

      • 300 topics
      • conditional build tags
      • drop down links & hyperlinks

      Our clients use the help as both a "how to" and a call center script tool, for example:

      3.  Click OK.

           Say to the customer:  "I have completed your order.  May I assist you with anything else today?"




      Both the "Yes" and "No" are d-d links with how to instructions and scripting.  Both could contain d-d links.


      Just before I inherited this project three days ago, it was converted to RoboHelp 8 (from RoboHelp5).  Today, when I opened the project for the first time, all the drop-down links were in the correct order.  After making a text-only change, and then clicking Save, the editor is displaying the drop downs in the wrong order.  Not only did the formatting change for one of the wandering d-d links, but it also changed to a hyperlink.  I checked the code, and it's wrong as well.  At first I thought the problem stemmed from the order in which the drop-down text editors are closing, but in checking other areas that I didn't change that are within the same topic, the d-d links are also out of order, and some have converted to hyperlinks.  The d-d link IDs are not changing, just the location of the link within the topic.  The links appear to be staying in the same "area," that is, a link that should be at the top is near the top and not at the bottom of the topic.


      A work around that kinda works is to close all the small text editors and preview the topic. While in preview, refresh, and then go back to the text editor.  If this does work, it isn't permanent.  The links only remain in place until I click a link.


      Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?


      This topic is one of the biggest in the help because it walks through verifying the customer.  Our client offers several products, four of which
      are covered in this topic w/all sorts of contingencies:  active/inactive account; can remember/can't remember account number; can remember/can't remember user name; can remember/can't remember password; etc.  I'm wondering if the topic itself is too large.