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    Desperately need help getting Flash music player to work correctly!

    xslamx Level 1

      I'm working up a Flash template for a site that has a music player for 3 different tracks.  The template came with 3 separate fla files for each track (Music1.fla, Music2.fla and Music3.fla), which I opened and imported my own mp3's into, set them to repeat only once, and then published the swf's.  The music player works fine, but when the first song ends, the music stops unless you click on the next music track in the player.  I'd like to have it where after the first song finishes it automatically starts playing the next song, then when it finishes the 3rd and final song it goes back to song one.  How can I do this?  Is it as easy as inserting some Actionscript into the Music fla's or would it have to be fixed in the player itself on the site's fla?


      I have the site uploaded here to check out:




      Thanks in advance for your help, I'm really in a bind and need to get this fixed quickly!!