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    How acess data after retrieving it from a web service


      I am a newbie


      I suceed in geting data from a web service am puting it in an arraycollection using the following code


      The data comes from a SQL table with 10 rows and 5 collumns.


      public mydata : ArrayColection;


      Private function datadandler(event:ResultEvent):void





      My doubt now is how can I extract the data from each collumn and row of the ArrayCollection.


      I need to access one specific collumn and use the value from that collumn



      thanks in advance

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          It depends on how the data is formed when it comes back and is put in the ArrayCollection.


          In general, you can access the 6th row of an ArrayCollection lilke this:




          You can loop through ab ArrayCollection like this:


          for each(var obj:Object in myAC){




          But then the question becomes how are the fields in each row of data formed?


          If the rows of data are objects, you could access the data like this:


          myAC.getItemAt(5).custName or sometimes like this:myAC.getItemAt(5)[custName]


          So it depends how you data is coming back.


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