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    Flash Video Skin Not Loading in Firefox

      Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble with a Flash Video file. I'm helping a friend out by doing some work on his webpage. He had a video that he wanted to put up on his news page, so I converted the video to an flv and used the flv player component to make a video player linked it. I uploaded the skin's swf file, the player's swf file, and the flv to the same directory. I made an iframe pointing to the player.swf file in the news section of the site. I tested it in IE; it works like a charm. Video loads, skin loads, and it plays etc... but in any version of firefox, only the video loads and just sits there (autoplay is off). What can the problem be? Link : (should work in IE, not FIREFOX Here . Once you can recover from the reporter's amusing slack-jawed mug, please help me out!