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    Styling Rich Text Editor >> Text Area




      I am trying to style the text area of the Rich Text Editor with Actionscript. I am able to do so with <mx:Script>, using  'text-area-style-name', and setting it to 'rteText', which is a css class with 'background-color' set to whatever color I want the background to be. However, when I go to do it with Actionscript, I am unable to do it.



      var textEditor:CSSStyleDeclaration= StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration('RichTextEditor'); //Set properties for Rich Text Editor


      'headersColors', [primary_Color, primary_Color]);


      'borderColor', border_Color);



      textEditor.setStyle('text-area-style-name', 'rteText'); //Assign class name to style text-area




      var rteText:CSSStyleDeclaration= new CSSStyleDeclaration('.rteText'); //Create css class that has been assigned to text-area-style-name


      "background-color", primary_Color); //Edit background-color property


      I've tried many different combinations without any success. What am I doing wrong?