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    Can't open D90 NEF files in Camera Raw CS3?


      I've downloaded the latest version of the plug-in, and it works perfectly when opening JPEGs. However it won't open my RAW files, it says they're not recognised?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unless it is listed in the ACR 4.6 compatibility list (in which case there is some other issue), the D90 came out after CS3 was obsolete so Adobe did not update the obsolete Camera RAW plug-in and only added D90 support to the current ACR plugin which comes with CS4.


          If you want to open D90 files in an older version of Photoshop you can download the latest DNG Converter from Adobe's website, which will recognize the RAW files, and convert the NEFs to DNGs and then open those DNG copies in CS3...or update to CS4 (or wait until Spring and update to CS5--just a guess since the LR3 beta expires 4/30/10).