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    Linux support

    Andrew Slayman Level 1

      Would kill/die for a Linux, preferably Debian/Ubuntu, version of Photoshop.

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          Please read the replies to the previous 20 requests.

          The facts haven't changed.

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            Andrew Slayman Level 1

            I have. The facts haven't changed *yet*. And why should that stop Linux users from asking?

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              Because there is no sign of the facts changing anytime in the forseeable future.


              If Linux users want to see a change they need to start by making the OS more attractive to porting (ie: stable, standardized APIs), and make the market more attractive (ie: be willing to pay for software).

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                I think there is called GIMP for linux.

                I never encoutered photoshop in linux.

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                  GIMP is pretty good. But not like photoshop it has all filters.

                  Its easy to use than GIMP.

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                    Linux is stable, and definetly can code programs to work properly throughout the system, the gui issues are fixed we are now in the 2010 era going into 2011 gui has improved suffieciently, just remember where all the computer stuff originated from, windows and mac weren't around for the entire age of computers. Unix was born first, so Mr Cox please redo whatever surveys you've been doing and look in another direction.

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                      bkovacs7 Level 1

                      And you don't think Linux users would want to pay for software. Well if all the proprietary companies gave us something to buy, than maybe we would buy. You should stop stereotyping Linux users. It's not our fault allot of the opensource software is free in price. The opensource community creates allot of multi platform software, even for those who want to pay for software. But the opposite is rarely true. Look at Apple, still no QuickTime for Linux. And that is a free app. Heck the Adobe execs can use all kinds of opensource software to develop their products, they could develop Photoshop for Windows and MacOSX on Linux if they want to. So who is being greedy here. Linux users would like to have professional applications for photography and graphics design. And by the way, my brother works for the FAA, and they use Novell Suse Enterprise Linux, Novell Suse gets allot of money from the support. So Novell is making big money from there operating system. Red Hat is another one, that makes a ton off of support.  

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                        i AM willing to buy and i use linux!

                        currently i use photoshop with virtualbox under ubuntu.

                        ...and i will not stop asking for a photoshop-linux-version too.


                        so, i think time has changed and linux-platforms are a great market.


                        give me the option to buy, and i will buy today!




                        best regards