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    How to rejoin two clips in the timeline in PrE 7?


      Hello all. Please excuse this newbisome question, but I've had no luck in figuring it out.


      I get one long clip into the timeline and then chop it up a lot (in a musical way that relates to quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes, etc). Often I find that I need to rejoin some of the clips, sometimes quite a bit of time after they've been split (so undo isn't an option).


      How can I do this?


      PS, this is the first video editing software I've used. I've had PrE for three hours, but have had quite a bit of experience with editing audio in one program or another.


      Cheers and thanks for your time.

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          There is no option to join them together, but maybe you can try the the 'Group' option. Select the clips on the timeline that you want to join, right click on them and select Group. This way those clips will always stay together when you move them around.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            First a bit of background on your Clips. You Import the "master Clip" * into PrE, where it appears in the Project Panel. You drag this to the Timeline and then begin editing it into "sub-Clips" ** of that "master Clip." What you have done is to modify the In & Out points on separate "Instances" of that "master Clip. You have not altered that "master Clip" in any way, but have only given PrE instructions on how to handle it. These instructions are stored in the .PREL file, which only has references to that media file, and contains no media - only references to it.


            Now, there is not need to re-join these instances, other than for handling them. From_rumjhum has offered a way to Group the instances to help with that handling. Again, all this does is send a set of instructions for PrE to treat these instances as one. They are not re-joined, but for most practical purposes, they act as though they are.


            It might be useful to know exactly what you will wish to do with these instances, as there might be a better method on handling them.


            Good luck,




            * The term "master Clip" can have many different meanings in different NLE (Non Linear Editing) programs. I am using it here in a very general sense.


            ** The term "Sub-Clip" can have many different meanings in different NLE programs. As with "master Clip," I am using it here in a very general sense.


            I just wanted to be perfectly clear, so as not to confuse you, should you encounter a situation where these same terms have totally different meanings.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Mark has posted this same question at this site and another.


              My first read was and is that he was seeking how tos on arrangement of clips on the Timeline as compared to trying to retrieve content thought lost in a chopping process of the video (aka trimming of the whole video in the Preview Window with its In Out points). So, pending further details, I offered details related to the Group/Ungroup and Link Audio and Video/Unlink Audio and Video commands with caution for where the two different parts of the linked material were located on the Timeline.


              So, I must await more definition from Mark on the question presented.


              Since I have Premiere Elements 7 installed, I can offer details on trimming the clips in the Preview Window with its In Out points, dragging the trim to the Timeline


              the additional procedure for making what are called subclips by dragging the trim in the Preview Window to the Project Media Area instead of to the Timeline, still keeping a whole video file as part of the Project Media Area. But, as of now, I do not think that is part of the question.


              But, let us see.



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                mark_k Level 1

                People, thanks for the quick replies.


                I understand that all the clips in the timeline are just instances; the same thing happens in audio software, but that software gives you the opportunity to re-glue clips (they're called regions in Logic) once they've been split.


                I'm interested in trying to make a video like this  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35Y7tr3mBtQ


                I can do this sort of thing quite easily with audio, and I think I'm on my way with the video stuff, but being able to re-glue clips would help with handling. I go through the “master clip” looking for beats and little sections that will do the trick. In my current proj, a  1/16th note lasts for four frames, so as you can imagine, I have a lot of 4-frame sub-clips to deal with. I generate each sub-clip from my original master clip after I have dragged it into the timeline from the organizer. I then copy, paste and resize the clips, all in the timeline. I only use the preview window as a way of reminding myself what clip x, y or z sounds like. Maybe I need to investigate the functions of the preview window more. The group option may be a work around as well.


                A lot of what I do is “suck and see”. I split off a piece, then listen to it in isolation in the preview window by double-clicking and using 'play from In to Out'.  A simple re-glue would be fast and convenient if the clip didn't pass the audition.


                Quite possibly I'm using an inefficient method (very new to this). Any advice would be gratefully received.








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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Why not just adjust the length of the trimmed clip so that it fits the beat?


                  Remember, even if you split a clip, you haven't really cut the original footage. You've just set in and out points. And these can be easily re-trimmed.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Yes, as I now understand Mark's workflow, using the Ripple to alter the individual In & Out Ponts would be the way that I would work. If one needed to, say shorten Clip A and then lengthen Clip B, the Ctrl key modifier will allow one to do that easily - shorten Clip A w/ Ctrl, leaving a gap. Lengthen Clip B to fill that gap.


                    Also, as and additional thought, won't PrE allow one to add Markers with the * key on the numberpad with just a tap? One would then edit to those Markers (which could be manually moved, should one appear in the wrong spot).


                    Just thinking here,