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    Fireworks 6 (MX) crashing constantly


      I have a Fireworks MX (NOT 2004) which has suddenly decided to crash when I try and do anything! I can create a new document, but when I save it, it crashes. If i draw a box, it crashes, If i try and edit an existing png file - guess what - it crashes!!!


      I am running OS X 10.4.11 on a Dual 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5 with 1GB DDR SDRAM.


      It was working perfectly for years, but now suddenly, I can't do anything.


      So far I have done the usual:

      1. Deleting preferences files

      2. Deleting caches

      3. created a new user account and tried to use it from there

      4. Deleting application support files

      5. Cleaning font caches

      6. Re-installing all fonts

      7. Reinstalling Fireworks

      8. Contacted Adobe Support - who say that they no longer support this product!


      Any ideas anyone??

      I rely on this product for everyday work, and am currently using a 30 day trial which is rapidly running out!!


      obviously I'd love to upgrade to the latest version - but I don't haev the money right now!


      Thank in advance.