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    export to .avi versus mpeg2 for DVD (square v. non-square pixels)


      I am editing a 1.5 hour video on Premiere Pro CS4 (footage from 3ccd mini-dv) and need to export to DVD-5.


      I tried exporting to mpeg-2 DVD and then burning a DVD in Encore and the quality was good, but with the PAR automatically set to .909, some of the footage was cut off on the edges. Is there a way around this?


      I tried exporting to mpeg-2 (not the DVD setting) with 1.0 PAR manual setting, but this file would not transcode in Encore.


      In the past i exported to .avi and then burned to DVD and i did not lose any footage on the edges. I am concerned about losing quality by exporting first to .avi versus mpeg2. I am wondering if anyone else wants to keep all footage on edges like me and has found a good workaround like exporting to .avi and then transcoding in Encore for DVD. I would really like to keep all of the footage on the edges but also want to keep maximum quality for DVD video.