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    Troubles with PE8

    Robinn Walmsley

      I have used PE in various versions for years. Most of this year I've used PE7 which works perfectly on my PC, the only reason I upgraded to PE8 was to use the Effects Mask facility. This is the only reason, and now I have to say I so exasperated I'm contemplating some way of requesting a refund.


      Initially I had a lot of crashes which seem to be plaguing a few people on here. What amazes me is that there appears to be very little difference between the two product versions and yet there is clearly a world of difference. There have been lots of comments about cleaning up your hard disks making space available and minimising the number of processes running while you run system hungry PE8, I have done all this and I have to admit the crashes have been reduced. In fact I thought eliminated until 5 mins ago.


      My PC and SW spec is at the bottom of this message.


      Ok .. so here it is. I can manage with the crashes .. which are infrequent now. But here are the issues I have


      1. THE REASON I bought the software, animating the "Effects Mask", causes the Save of a video clip to fail with the error "Error Compiling Movie Unknown Error" I thought initially it was to do with moving the mask outside the video area, but I tried a control test by just moving the mask a small amount inside the video .. same result. I know its the mask because the clip will export fine without it, and with the effect I used inside the mask (Gaussian Blur), but not with the mask with or without the effect. Incidentally an error is STILL produced even if the mask is stationary. This mask is applied to the clip by "Clip - Effects Mask - Apply"


      2. I have many video clips on my PC in various formats and ALL can be imported into PRE7 and used fine, not so with PRE8. Lets be clear about this, a short 5 min clip captured from my SD camcorder is imported into PRE7 edited and Exported/Saved fine, but in PRE8 not so. In PRE8 the same clip has only the Audio element, there is no Video. I used the drag and drop technique and the "Get Media" option. So I tried to re-capture the video straight from the camcorder at which point the import and program crashed after about 1 min.


      3. Other clips I have dragged across are simply not viewable .. appear as red blocks in My Project area. Clearly PRE8 is not understanding the video format. I simply can't understand why the very same file is fine in PRE7. It makes no sense.


      I'm a busy guy, I have lots of work to get done, and the last thing I need is to waste a couple of days on what should be a minor program upgrade. I've never had any issues like this before when upgrading PRE. I've used versions 2 4 and 7 and now 8.


      I'm so annoyed about this I'm considerinf dumping the product and switching to Pinnacle or an alternative.


      Any help would be appreciated.




      Quad Core HP

      4Gb Ram

      4.5 Terabytes Hard disk (5 drives) with at least 10Gb on each drive free

      ATI Graphics card with twin monitors

      Twin moniWindows Vista 32 Home Premium

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          Robinn Walmsley Level 1

          I'd like to add .. having used PRE for several years I had such confidence in Adobe and this product that I paid for the upgrade without first trying the TRIAL..


          Huge mistake.

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            digitalreply Level 1

            Is it only happening with the Gaussian blur effect ? And after you apply the effects mask, does the playback happen on the timeline after rendering.

            Export settings can also be a reason for the error, what settings are you using. Effects mask most of the time works for me.


            In point 2 and 3 above, can you specify the video format type that you are importing into pre8. Some formats which were supported in pre7 might no longer be supported in pre8.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              2. I have many video clips on my PC in various formats and ALL can be imported into PRE7 and used fine, not so with PRE8. Lets be clear about this, a short 5 min clip captured from my SD camcorder is imported into PRE7 edited and Exported/Saved fine, but in PRE8 not so. In PRE8 the same clip has only the Audio element, there is no Video. I used the drag and drop technique and the "Get Media" option. So I tried to re-capture the video straight from the camcorder at which point the import and program crashed after about 1 min.


              Let's look at this footage, specifically. When you did the Capture in PrE 7, what is the exact setting used to Export/Share, prior to attempting to Import into PrE 8? There might be something there. When only the Audio, or the Video display/play, there is usually a CODEC problem. If you are running both versions on the same system, then the same exact CODEC's should be available to both versions. If this is not the case, say you're using two different computers, each with only one version of PrE, please state.


              You use the terms Import and Capture to indicate the operation in PrE 8. Which is the correct term? These are different operations and there might be a clue there.


              Good luck, and welcome to the forum.



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                Robin Walmsley

                Its not related to the blur or any other "filter" effect, the Error occurs with or without an effect. The problem is specifically caused by the Effects Mask tool.

                I haven't tried rendering .. I shall have a go in a minute.


                I tried importing a Standard Def PAL feed. I've alos tried it on some previously captured HD Pal.


                I tried exporting to one of the presets .. same problem. Can't remember which preset.


                I will create a new PAL HD project now, import some Pal HD wedding video direct into PRE (I sometimes use windows import and AVC import and other import software), add the Effects Mask .. then export to a .WMV format.

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                  Robin Walmsley Level 1

                  I normally export all my videos in wmv file format, with about 2000BPS either PAL res or NTSC res depending on my source video. I have recently started doing this with my PAL HD and NTSC HD formats. The Pal is from a Sony HDR-FX1000, the NTSC HD is from a Canon 5d Mark 2 so is true 1920x1080 res, which PRE 7 cannot handle. Im not sure if PR8 can.


                  Yes, I am running both versions on the same PC, to get the existing video into PRE8 I usually just drag and drop. I must stress every single clip I have (and I have hundreds) in many different formats and different codecs, ALL can be imported into PRE 7 and work fine. I can even mix formats. So I can create a PAL HD project in PRE 7 and import Ntsc SD and HD and Pal SD and HD, and AVCHD .. and they all work fine, on the same timeline.


                  OK, Im doing a test right now. I have created a clean new PAL HD Project editing mode HDV 720p 25fps timecode. I will now capture directly into this project from a wedding video I have .. I'll just capture 20 secs. I'll then add an Effects Mask. There is no need to move this mask .. I'm certain it will fail. Exporting using Windows Media Preset HD 720p 25 Windows Media Video 9 codec. Ok .. That worked ok.

                  So now I have toggled on animation for the effects mask and have moved it from one point to another across the video over a 5 sec period.


                  Sheesh !! That worked as well.


                  Ok this is looking like a codec or export settings problem. Because I tend to tweak the export parameters.


                  I shall aghve a bit of a play with these settings and get back to you. While I'm doing that, can you guyys consider this. I was importing this wedding earlier and the PC blue screened. That hasn't happened since I bought thiws PC with Vista preloaded about 18 months ago. Naturally I was VERY concerned when that happened. I must add I was importing into PRE8 but I was also using lightroom and photoshop elements to do some editing...




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                    Robin Walmsley Level 1



                    I meant to say .. Thanks for the welcome


                    I use both import AND captuyre. Generally in the past I havent used Premiere Elements Capture I found it a little unreliable. So I ahve tended to use Windows own, or a third party . recently I've taken to using a product called AVC which I've found very convenient for capturing video from tape.


                    Actually in PRE8 I cant see an "import" command specifically, its worded "Get Media from" and then all the different ways of getting media into the software .. Capturing from Camcorder,  "Adding Media" from hard disk etc etc.


                    I use both these techniques



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                      digitalreply Level 1



                      These codecs problem can at times be tricky. Good that it works well, even with the Effects Mask applied.Though do try it with your other clips and shout if you see a problem.

                      Generally, to isolate such issues its a good idea to render the timeline, if it renders and playback is fine, it means that the applied effects(effects mask in your case) are not the culprit and  the issue can then be said to be with the export settings, which are generally due to some codec issue.


                      As for the Blue screen, if i were you I wouldnt run photoshop, lightroom and pre all at the same time. Video/image editing are costly processes and hog CPUs.


                      Pre8 "Get Media" option is synonymous to Import in any other editing software, I generally use it to capture vids from my DV camcorder and I find the stop-motion functionality rather cool.



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                        Robinn Walmsley Level 1

                        Thanks for your help.


                        What's troubling is that it blue screens at all. Remember I have never

                        had a blue screen in 18 months of using Vista on this PC. And I have

                        stretched the system many times, often using more than the Adobe

                        products .. often alongside Firefox, Thunderbird, Explorer and so on. I

                        have two screens and I like to have them full up with open windows.


                        I just tried another Capture from tape, this time it was a PAL SD

                        camcorder into a PAL SD Project with only Windows Explorer and IE

                        running. Nothing else, and PRE 8 crashed about half way through .. it

                        was only a 6 min clip. I am *intensely *irritated that this should be

                        happening at all. The very same clip imported into PRE 7 without any

                        hitches, with all sorts of other programs running at the same time. In

                        fact I've been rather pleased in recent months with the fact that I

                        could Capture video, while using Dreamweaver, Firefox and Thunderbird at

                        the same time, and not drop any frames. Clearly with PRE 8 I will have

                        to rethink my whole editing strategy. I now have to start a Capture,

                        then go make myself a coffee. This is a backwards step as far as I'm



                        I am an "early adopter" when it comes to software, and I shall be buying

                        a new hard drive and Windows 7 this coming week. It may well be that

                        installing Adobe products and a few choice other development programs

                        into the partition/drive will resolve this issue. Sticking to Microsoft

                        codecs may also help. However, its a poor shame that it needs this to be

                        done, to stop a quality program from crashing.



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                          Robinn Walmsley Level 1

                          Ok. Crashed again.  ####ing annoying.


                          3.30 min clip of Pal SD. Project is Pal SD. Clip has some titles

                          overlaid, and the Effects Mask plus Gaussian Blur inside the mask. The

                          mask moves around the screen on a persons face.


                          I rendered the whole scene and it plays flawlessly (although there is an

                          odd periodic flicker and random blocks flash onto the playback window,

                          this doesn't happen in PRE 7).


                          Save using Windows Media - Local Area Network setting, and crashed about

                          10% into the export. Incidentally the frame size of 640x480 and FPS of

                          30 on this export option are NTSC not PAL, there are no standard PAL

                          options on the export.

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                            Robinn Walmsley Level 1



                            Having failed to Save/Export, I tried it again, no editing of the

                            Project, this time I set the Export Options to a PAL size 768x576 abd a

                            pal time frame of 25fps, and it WORKED.


                            SO .. this looks suspiciously like the source - project - export options

                            should all use the same frame rate. Its a damned shame if thats the

                            case, because I have lots of projects where I want to mix pal and ntsc

                            .. and I have done this successfully in the past on PRE 7.


                            If this IS the problem then I wonder why this facility has been removed.

                            And if it has, then surely Adobe should limit the export framerate

                            options to match those of the project.