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    HELP Actionscript 2

      As my topic says, I am experiencing some difficulty with the on(roolOver) code. I have designed a small animation where by placing the cursor (rollOver) over a button, an MC would animate. Everything works fine the only problem is that the animation keeps on repeating over and over again. I have checked to make sure that there are no loops etc. but all seems to have been in vain. Any sugestions?

      this is the code I have used:

      on(rollOver) {
      this.bee_mc._visible = 1;

      on(rollOut) {
      this.bee_mc._visible = 0;

      As I said every time I roll over the button (bee_btn) the animation begins but it keeps looping. I would like to have this play once and stay visible for as long as I keep the mouse over the button.

      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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          Movie clips play independently of the main timeline, having their own timeline. Naturally, a movie or movie clip will keep looping until told to stop. just use the actionscript command stop(); in any frame to get the movie to stop playing there.
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            Brutium Level 1
            Hello BuG300K,

            Thank you for your prompt reply. The way I have my movie setup is as follow:

            On the main timeline I have various layers on one I have a background image, then on top of this image I placed various MCs. On the other layers I placed the BTNs that would govern each one of my MC. There is only one frame in this timeline. Each MC has a TWEEN (the animation I need). Each BTN is identified as per my example above.

            What I need to do is that every time I click on any button, the animation associated to that button should launch. The problem is that my movie(s) keep on looping. I need to have each tween stop until I "rollOut" at which point the animation should disappear.

            Any ideas?