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    Adobe craches when I lunch it with a network account (iMac)


      Dear All, hello!


      I installed Adobe Read and Adobe professional, and Illustaror with a loacl admin account.


      Now I log with a network account on the same iMac. Whrn I lunc Illustartor the application is not responding.

      I red I have to copy the /Adobe Illustartor CS4 Setting/ folder from the local to the remote profile (Library/Preferences/).


      Yhis is done and it works.


      But Adobe redaer and Adobe Acrobat Pro crache.

      Adobe Reade Crasches and a windows ask me to ignore/report/ reopen. But the problem persist.


      How can I make sure that all of those application can be lunch with any remote useer from the same iMac??


      Many thank for your help