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    Automated Printing




      I have a number of leaflets produced for several divisions of our company numbering around 30 in all.  Does anyone have a neat way of printing these to PDF that does not involve the laborious task of opening and printing each document.


      The files were created that way for ease of change but if there is no neat way to print maybe it is worth cobining the leaflets from each division into a single file.


      Suggestions or experiences would be appreciated.

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          Physically combining all documents into one jsut may cause a world of grief. Suddenly, you have to take care all your styles and colors are consistent, and all documents have the same size. Perhaps you could avoid that if you "place" all of your ID documents into one as images, but I think there is a better solution. Create a new, emtpy Book file and add all your files into that. If you ever need one single PDF, be sure to have no document selected in the Book panel and choose "Export Book as PDF" from the panel flyout menu. Want to export each single document to its own PDF? I created a script from scratch to do that for my workflow, but Peter Kahrel wrote a much better generalized utility just to do that: http://www.kahrel.plus.com/indesign/pdf_individuals.html -- and all kudos for that go to him.

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            Thanks - sounds good, I will let you know how I get on.