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    How do I have multiple versions of the same .chm?


      Our developers recently were required to make changes to an earlier version of our software (thank goodness for backups). So I'm having to revert to that earlier version, make changes, and create a revised .chm. HOWEVER, I already had completed the upcoming release's .chm and don't want to lose all of those changes. To make matters more complicated, I also have requests for changes to the Help for the future release.


      So, how does everyone have multiple versions of the .chm on their system at the same time and keep them separate, yet compile the right files with the right version? I had thought I could just create a new folder with the files that changed for the various versions, but updating them in Word 2007 is not a pretty proposition. I'll then have to import them in and replace the "old" ones. There has to be an easier way! I'm sure other people do this on a regular basis, but this is the first time I've had to go back a version, maintain the next version, and start work on a yet-to-be-released version all at the same time.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          It never ceases to amaze me how questions on the forum are like buses, none for an hour then three come along. Not your fault but this was asked just a couple of days ago.


          When your developers issue a new version you need to save a copy of the source, we just zip it up. Then you carry on editing for the next version and zip that up and go again.


          Then when a change is required to an older version, you dig it up, amend it and zip it again.


          Not sure how it works with source control. The above is easier and reliable, assuming you manage it tightly.


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