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    Can we have some one (Adobe Guru's or Adobe Employees) please have a look at the "Data Services" forum?


      My evaluation and testing of the FlashBuilder 4 beta 2 is stopped because there are so many questions that have not been answered.  To be clear:


      - I desperately need an alternative to the Micro$oft "vendor lock in"  (front end, middleware, backend)

      - Adobe is a recognized name in the I.T. world.  (My biggest opponents to change are the I.T. guys & gals)

      - I need to do some heavy duty "convincing" by SHOWING customers and their trusted I.T. crowd that there is a viable alternative

      - I can't show them if your product doesnt' work

      - Plan B is to show them that even though your product doesn't work, your support is responsive, and bugs will be fixed next release, and that there is a work around for now

      - There is no Plan C if the previous two points aren't resolved


      This forum seems really busy compared to Data Services forum.  That forum is dead.  Very few views and 98% unanswered questions.


      Should I re-post all my questions in this forum?  In an attempt to get some help?