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    Controlling SWFs with dynamic lengths

    rossimo Level 1
      I need to load SWF applications into my Director files. Currently, I am using the timeline with an arbitrary amount of time. My problem is that the length (playtime) of these SWFs are dependent on the end-user interactivity. If they press every button, answer every questions, etc… one viewer could be done in 5 minutes and another user could be done in 30 minutes. I have no way of determining. Currently, my timeline will run out and I send the users to a Menu screen. Is there a way to dynamically load a SWF and have it play indefinitely? I will have a button on the screen if the use wishes to exit early.

      Thanks in advance for any help with this problem!-
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          rafa@mediatech Level 1
          hi rossimo:
          Maybe this is totally dumb to suggest, but what if you add a "go to the frame" command, wouldn't that hold the play head and still allow your SWF to run properly?

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            rossimo Level 1
            EDIT: After trying out Rafael's suggestions, it looks like that has solved my problem. Thanks for the help Rafael!!

            Thanks for the reply Rafael!-

            No suggestion would be dumb. I am a Flash user trying to get terms with Director 11. I am still trying to wrap my head around the differences in timelines. I would have thought that would stop the playback of the SWF, but I think you may be correct! I will give that a shot and report back. More to come...