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    Lose interactivity (fillin fields) on CFPDF MERGE

    timgilbreath Level 1

      Hi guys, doing a standard CFPDF merge using something like:


      <cfpdf action="merge" name="builtpdf">
      <cfpdfparam source="pdfsource">

              <cfpdfparam source="includes/nlv_affidavit.pdf">
              <cfpdfparam source="includes/mil_regfee_exemption.pdf">
              <cfpdfparam source="includes/mil_regfee_exemption_txt.pdf">
              <cfpdfparam source="includes/nlv_certapp.pdf">
              <cfpdfparam source="includes/mil_checklist.pdf">
      <cfcontent type="application/pdf" reset="true" variable="#toBinary(builtpdf)#">


      This is working fine, taking the content in "pdfsource" and adding the pages in correct order.

      However, I noticed that in my fillable PDF's (3 or them are), 2 have lost their interactivity, and depending on if I change the order (moving a NON fillable PDF to the bottom or not), will change which ones lose interactivity.  They all have proper interactivity if you open the actual files on the server.


      Any ideas?  None of the files were created with CFPDF "write" and flattened.


      Thanks in advance!