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    Can I disable PRINT function?

    mcm_art Level 1


        I am writing a script that will add an enviornment variable to a document when it's printed. So when one of my artists prints a document, it will add his initials in the bottom right corner in tiny font, then delete the variable before it saves. This is to stop people from shrugging their shoulders when i ask "who printed this and did it wrong" haha.......but....


      My real question is, since i am writing a script to replace print function, i am going to bind CTRL-P to the script......so, can i disable the FILE -> PRINT function so you can only print with he script? This will stop people from being sneaky and printing it without initials


      I am not doing this out of mistrust for my employees, but some use shortcuts and some dont. I need to eliminate that problem!


      Ihope this makes sense!!