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    Generating an automatic email describing a graphic selection?




      I am fairly new to flash and am really enjoying it. I have Flash prof 8.0


      I need a nudge in the right direction for my following task (I do not neccessarily need a detailed explanation).


      To make my question simple, let's say that I have an online catalog that  will have only 5 items items (thus 5 thumbnails). There will be a SINGLE target (larger)  frame displaying the selected item and then a confirmation button. Once the thumbnail is selected, the thumbnail displays in the larger frame (pretty easy so far). But what I would like is that a form (or email) is generated that will notify me of the item selected when the confirmation button is selected.


      In other words, the customer selects which painting they desire by clicking on the thumbnail. It is confirmed as a larger image below the thumbnail. Once they click (perhaps) a confirm button, an email is generated describing the selection (in this case it is likely a code associated with the picture - like "mountainstream003"


      Thanks in advance for any help.