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    How to draw during runtime?


      Hello, I am wonder what tools or options I can use in order to have an object look like it is being drawn out while you watch a flash movie.


      So far all I can think if is draw it piece by piece over a few keyframes, but that could look choppy and take a lot of time. Is there an easier way?


      Thanks! -Sam

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There really isn't an easier way that I know of.  To just use a few frames as you described would look choppy but would fall well short of looking like anything is being drawn.  To make it appear like it's being drawn takes lot's of frames.  An alternative is to use masks or covering objects colored like the background and gradually move them to reveal the drawing, but it still takes time to do and usually some cunning depending on the image.


          One bit of possible good news... to go with the frame by frame drawing approach, start at the end with the whole drawing... copy it to the next frame and remove a piece... copy that frame to the next frame and remove a piece.... etc until you have nothing left... then reverse the frames.