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    Morph Plug-In

    Ed.Macke Level 3

      Just wondering if anybody knew of any plug-in "morphing" software that works with Premiere Elements.

      I've been able to do my own pseduo-morphing by taking footage of people when they were kids and transitioning into a still photo of them as adults (always a crowd-pleaser!) - by fading out kid footage and fading in overlaid adult photo.

      But I'd like to do true morphing. I know they have this for going from still-to-still, but I haven't seen anything for video-to-still, or even better video-to-video.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          There are several threads on plug-ins and also stand-alone apps. for morphing. I do not know if the ones on Adobe are still available, after the forum changeover, but some might be. IIRC, these were specific to certain apps., and not universal use of those apps. I also think that there were a few similar on Muvipix in their Community, but do not recall which sub-forum these discussions were in.


          Unfortunately, I cannot remember if the ones specific to Adobe were for PrE, or for PrPro. I also cannot recall which apps. were mentioned. Along with that fogginess, as these were some time back, there might be version-specific limitations.


          I realize that this is not much help, but will let you know that you are not the first person to ask the question. I seem to recall that one program worked well for many users - just do not recall which program that was.


          Maybe a bit of work on Google with terms like "morph," "Premiere," "Elements" and "Adobe" will get you some live links. Expect to find some of the Adobe Forum links going to the general Forum page, 'cause they are now gone, unless someone has archived them elsewhere.


          Good luck, and wish my memory was better.




          PS - you always ask good questions!


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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Here is my Muvipix Community search for Morph.


            Fantamorph was the referred to program. I've never seen, nor used it, so cannot comment on whether it would work for you.


            Good luck, and let me know if that search URL does not link for you.




            [Edit] I just tested that link and it brought up the Advanced Search dialog box. I used one keyword, "morph," and got 51 hits. Many were probably followup replies, and I did not test any to see how many original threads might appear.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Here is a LINK to the main thread. It has 3 pages of replies.


              Hope that this gives you a starting point.



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                Ed.Macke Level 3

                Thanks, Hunt.

                Yeah, I did a little bit of hunting before I posed the question, but nothing was really popping out. I figured I couldn't be the first person that's wanted to do this!

                I saw a couple of references to After Effects, some warez sites (of course), and for making a video from morphing still pictures.

                Also, I didn't know if there was any (relatively easy) manual way using keyframes, etc. I couldn't think of any, but that's certainly no guide...!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Also, I didn't know if there was any (relatively easy) manual way using keyframes, etc. I couldn't think of any, but that's certainly no guide...!

                  You know, I Keyframe a big pile of Effects, and some pretty esoteric (in PrPro), but cannot think of any that might be helpful. Does not mean that there is not just the perfect one, but that I have not found, or used it.


                  In AfterEffects, there are many more animation Effects, but still there, I have not run across any that jumps out at me, to do this, even in a manual way.


                  Here's the Phantamorp Site, and it looks like they have a "trial." Mention was made of a "Pro" version in that Muvipix thread, but I did not explore versions, etc.


                  Good luck,




                  [Edit] I'm back... Looks like they have 3 levels and they are CHEAP!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I also noticed that their EULA allows one-user to have two installations, so long as they are not run at the same time. I think I'll pick up the Deluxe version, as I have a use for it in a personal Project right now.


                    Do not know the learning curve, but I'll play around with it and report.


                    Again, thanks for asking the question in the first place!



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                      Ed.Macke Level 3

                      Thanks, Hunt, you're right - that's a great starting point.

                      Seems like Fantamorph is a good product. Sounds like I'd probably want the $99 version, but they have free trials so I can try it out - maybe the $25 version will be enough?

                      There's also a free Sqirlz Morph - I may give that a try too simply because I'm cheap frugal.

                      Seems like the morph software is mostly geared toward still-to-still morphing, but the muvipix thread game me some ideas (e.g. grab the last frame of one video, the first frame of the next, morph those two together and use the morphed video to "glue" them together).

                      Good stuff - thanks!


                      ETA: Fantamorph will morph video, too. It takes Video #1 and Video#2, and does a morph between the last frame of Video #1 and the first frame of Video #2, then exports the entire sequence: Video #1 + morph from #1 to #2 + Video #2.

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                        gpecht Level 1

                        Ed, have you checked out WinMorph from DebugMode.com? I have not used it, but always wanted to.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Ah, WinMorph. That was one of the others, whose name I could not recall. In other threads, users have given it good reviews and DeBugMode does some good software.





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                            Ed.Macke Level 3

                            Excellent! Please let me know how it goes, maybe post some clips?

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                              Ed.Macke Level 3

                              It looks promising - I'll d/l it and give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

                              I always like to start with freeware. Some of it is really good (e.g. WinDV), and you can't beat the price. If it doesn't do what I need, at least I have a better idea of exactly what my money is getting me in a paid software.