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    Dreamweaver CS4 .htaccess file visibility via FTP


      So there a number of responces to the 'ol question, "How can I get my htaccess files to show up in Dreamweaver's file view?"


      Answer 1: First answer intails clicking the menu icon at the top right of the view pane and going to View -> Show Hidden Files.

      Issue: This is not an option for viewing FTP sites in the file view (which I do most of my work in).


      Answer 2: Go into the registry and edit /HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Adobe/Common/10/Sites/Site#/ShowHiddenFiles from a '0' to a '1'

      Issue: This does not change anything for me in CS4. If I remember correctly, it did in CS3...


      So working with many LAMP stack powered sites, I get to edit .htaccess files a lot. I honestly am pretty upset that Adobe has missed the mark on this not being available by default. I am running Vista x64 with Dreamweaver CS4 build 4117.


      If anybody can finally answer this topic for me and the rest of the world, I would be senserily appreciative!