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    Help - can't batch capture in CS4

    Billy Payn Level 1

      Hi - I'm trying to batch capture clips for a project that was initially captured in DV format and now I want to have as an HDV timeline.

      Initial capture was through PPro1.5 captured from a Z1E, and now, I'm trying to recapture to CS4 using a V1E.


      I can select a clip or number of clips, ask it to batch capture, set it to HDV and click OK, it scrolls to the start timecode of the first clip,then plays the clip, the capture window tells me it's capturing, but it isn't, the log tells me it's aborted, the clip just keeps on playing.


      I see this as being a fairly basic proceedure for CS4 so I may be trying to do this with some setting somewhere set up wrongly. Also, having this camera plugged in makes the system really unstable, if I click inside Premiere one or both of my screens go black, sometimes coming back and sometimes not.


      Does anyone have any ideas?


      When I captured the tapes initially, I went through them clip by clip, naming the takes, then batch captured the tapes.


      Hope someone can help