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    remove a simple overlay




      I am wondering if i would need to purchase Adobe Flash to remove the "DPS Web Solutions" overlay on my Battlefield 3 website, I was provided with a .FLV & .SWF source file i believe, as you can see it is only a placeholder while until the forum development is complete, but i would like to remove the overlay as it looks a little out of place.


      Any Feedback on this matter would be muchly appreciated, i think i would be better off buying Flash rather than paying another person to edit the flash content on my site, but would like to be 100% that Flash will be able to remove this overlay and not Photoshop as i already purchased Photoshop.


      Thanks in advance

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am not sure what you consider as being the overlay, but if it involves editing the Flash piece in the middle of that page, then you need the original source file (.fla file) for that in order to edit it, along with Flash.  If it involves removing the entire Flash piece, something as simple as NotePad can be used to remove the code from the html page.