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    audio lags in long SWF

    markGodriguez Level 1

      i have had this problem forever with Flash. when exporting a long SWF (10,000 frames and higher...of course not over 16,000 cause it won't export) the exported audio in the SWF will slowly start to lag behind the animation until it is completely out of sync by a few seconds at the end of the clip. i have all my sounds set to stream and they are all on the main timeline. this is a straight animation with no actionScript.


      i run at 24fps and export the audio at mp3/128kbs/best


      any assisntance on this would be great


      Flash CS4

      windows Vista 64bit

      8gb RAM

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          This has always been a glitch of the player.  See audio and video play at specific frame rates and this value is as close to 1/10 of a second.


          video which is a visual generally has frames that will skip when a computer's frames begin to drop while the audio can remain to be intact, and the reason is because video is like a .gif sequence.


          The way a gif is created to save space is that it only renders each frame anything that is differnt from the previsous frame.  Picture a drawing on a drawing on a drawing to make up 1 drawing.


          The same goes for the video.  So if it needs to skip to frame 12 yet its in the current process of having to redraw itself, it must backtrack to the frame which has the most information.. This means that instead of skipping to frame 12 it might skip andhten have to backtrack to frame 8 play forward to merely have frame 12 play.


          This is the cause of things getting out of synch.


          This is why its always prefered to stream or progressively download video.  The bytes will always be exact.