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    VERY EASY - How to get a new tween to just stay put


      Quick question. I got a box symbol nothing fancy I applied a motion preset to it and its just a basic bounce. I would like it when the bounce is over the box would just stay still on the stage and the time line would continue to play.

      The problem is this when the layer with the box on the time line ends the box disappears from the stage as well. now with a old school tween I would just add a blank key frame to the end of the movie and problem solved.

      But since I'm playing around with a the new type of tween when I try to stretch out the time line it affects the timing of the previous frames. In some cases the whole animation slows to a crawl in others the bouncing in the motion preset happens at the wrong time making it look like the bounce is happening in mid-air.

      So what I would like to do is just stretch out the time line in some way and just have the first part of the new tween stay in time and pretty much add dead space to the end of the tween and have the box stay put.

      Please try to vear away from ActionScript in your answers and keep them on a novice level

      Thx for the assistance in advance.