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    Flex Data grid in flash catalyst?


      any tips for creating a quick datagrid with a scrollbar?  the wireframe components only has a data list.... create it in photshop first??  what's quickest?



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          acath Level 4

          Hi Gina,


          You can create a cheezy Data Grid like this:


          1.  Drag out a Data List

          2.  Double-click to edit it

          3.  Double-click the Repeated Item part to edit that

          4.  Add more text using the text tool.

          5.  Select the text. In the HUD, choose "Add Text to Design-Time Data".

          6.  You should see another column appear in the Design-Time Data panel.

          7.  You can do this as many times as you like to create your multiple columns.



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            Tara Jane Feener Level 3

            Hey Gina,

            So there is no way in Catalyst today to make a datagrid per say.

            Meaning, you can't drag and drop one from the wireframe components list, as you noticed, and you can't convert artwork to one explicitly.


            If you made however a customer component with adjacent datalists, all with the same style, and then dragged a vertical scrollbar component into the custom component, you should be able to scroll through all the items and prototype the look/feel of a datagrid.



            This will work for prototyping purposes, but of course if you bring it over to Flash Builder you'll have to do a bit of rework to adapt the datalist style to a datagrid component.


            Try making what I described above, and let me know if that works out for you.

            I'll try to make one myself later and post the steps.



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              I tried Adam's suggestion  - it works, until you try and interact with it. The first column highlights as usual, but the highlighting makes the other columns disappear and additionally sometimes causes the text in the other columns to suddenly wrap, throwing off the vertical alignment. At any rate, not usable for any sort of prototyping.


              I did not get Tara's suggestion to work. I've created a custom component in a myriad of ways and added several sub-datalists... but I don't see how they would automagically get wired up together along with an external vertical scrollbar without some other intervention.  And I would imagine that the highlighting issue would remain (where mouseovers in one datalist would not produce the highlight effect over the corollary item in adjacent datalists).


              Seems to me the bottom line is that Catalyst needs a gridview component...but I'm guessing y'all already know that. :-)

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                Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                Hey Amy - Adam's solution is definitely the better one out of the two here, I had one of those 'ohhh right' moments after re-reading this thread.


                I started prototyping a datagrid component in Catalyst, but haven't had a chance to finish it yet.


                If I can get it work  (and look good) I'll post my .fxpl.


                We know how important datagrid is to a lot of you, so we are thinking about it for the future.


                Thanks for posting your feedback on both workflows we suggested, it'll help us get the workflow for datalist right in the future.



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                  Is there any update on this feature?  I had a play with Adam's suggestion but also experienced the same issues as AmyNeymeyr. 


                  The other aspect of creating a "DataGrid" in FC is that I'm unsure if there is a way to add column headers to each data column.  In FB creating a Datagrid automatically creates column headers that can enable the data to be sorted etc.


                  Would it be possible to reverse the development workflow, ie create a true datagrid is FB and then import the mxml into FC for design editing?


                  Seems to be pretty large gap in functionality if FC can't be used to easily create and design datagrids - all of the enterprise RIA I use or help to develop all use Datagrids.

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                    lelliott78 Level 1

                    OK just tested and it doesn't work, I get the following error when loading a Flash Catalyst compatible Flash Builder project containing a standard DataGrid:



                    So I guess the only way to do it correctly is to wait until Adobe releases support for DataGrids in Fc.