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    CS Camera Raw Dialog Box: default setting for 'Tint'

    Michael Graubart Level 1

      I am using Photoshop CS (not CS1,2,3 or 4) on a Mac G4 (PPC) with OSX 10.4.11.


      I have a question about the Camera Raw Dialog Box in CS that I cannot find answered in any book or online article that I have consulted. Because CS will not handle Camera Raw files from my camera (Nikon D50), what I do is to use an Adobe DNG converter to convert them to .dng format and then open them in Photoshop CS. When the Camera Raw dialog box opens, all the variables under the 'Adjust' tab are set to standard default values (e.g. 0 for Exposure, +5 for Shadows, +25 for Contrast, etc.) — except Tint. The value to which Tint sets itself when I first open the file very mysteriously varies from image to image, even though they all come from the same camera with the same menu settings and the same memory card and even if I have not previously done any adjusting of those images. For any given image, the Tint value stays the same if I change Settings between Camera Default and Selected Image. But it will be different when I open another image (not yet adjusted in any way) from the same series.


      What I should like to know is, firstly, what it is about a given Camera Raw file that 'tells' Photoshop what value to set Tint to; and, secondly, what the default value should be. Thanks in advance for any information.