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    text box scroll bar

    Laurence Schuberth Level 1

      Can you put a scroll bar on a text box in beta2??


      help if you got it



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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Laz,


          Are you interested in scrolling editable text, or just a static text display?  Assuming the latter, you can do it using a Scroll Panel:


          1. Select the multi-line text item that you want to make scrollable.
          2. In the gray floating heads-up display (HUD), choose Convert Artwork to > Scroll Panel
          3. Click the Edit Parts button that appears
          4. Select the text again and choose Convert Artwork to > Scrolling Content
          5. You should now see a dotted line around the text.  Resize the bottom of this area upward so that some of the text is hidden / clipped
          6. Place a scrollbar next this content area (you can just drag out a scrollbar from the Wireframe Components panel, for example).


          If you run your project now, you should be able to drag the scrollbar to scroll the text.


          You'll notice that Catalyst added a few extra lines of text at the bottom saying "Add More Content Here."  You can delete these by double-clicking the dotted-line content area to edit the content within it, then selecting the extra text box and deleting it.


          - Peter

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            Laurence Schuberth Level 1

            Hey Peter, thanks, I resorted to Flash and imported the swf but one again, how easy is FC