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    SWF from Catalyst into Dreamweaver to Server


      I am a bit of a noob to the SWF world, catalyst has helped a lot. But... How do I put my finished catalyst project i.e. the deploy for web folder into dreamweaver and then onto my server.


      I have uploaded html sites before via dreamweaver but I cant seem to do this the same way.





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          Laurence Schuberth

          Hey Joshua, I had no luck with the deploy for web export, I dont know why ( something I was doing I think) but in publish swf options ( when you select publish) there is an option ( sorry im not in FC at the moment,  but there is only 4 boxes) that will publish a folder called run-local, in there you'll find a file called main.swf, thats the file you bring into dreamweaver( import swf) and style away. You should put a all the files created in the run-local folder inside your dreamweaver folder because your swf file my be looking for media or assets created by FC.


          This is how I have been doing it, if anyone and clarify if this is correct that would be great cause i'm only guessing.





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            knuckleberry.josh Level 1

            For all who are having this problem....


            If you rename the "Main..." files into "Index..." files it will load and be found by a server... ie. main.html should read index.html.



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              Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Hi Josh,


              Can you describe where you're having trouble uploading the Catalyst files?  At what step in the process are you running into problems, and what exactly is the problem you're encountering that makes you say it's not working for you?


              Note that you do need to include all the files in Catalyst's deploy-to-web output folder when uploading to a server -- not just the two .html and .swf files.


              And to clear up the confusion about run-local vs. deploy-to-web:

              • deploy-to-web is the folder you should upload to your server.  Due to Flash Player security limitations, running this file directly out of a local folder on your computer usually will not work.  If you want to test this folder's contents before "going live," you should upload it to a staging folder on your server and then visit that URL in a browser.
              • run-local is just for local testing or use in demo situations where you don't need web hosting (e.g. presenting your design to a client in a meeting).  Again due to Flash security limitations, uploading this to a server and then running it in a web browser will not always work.


              Hope that helps -- and if you're still having trouble, please let us know!


              - Peter

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                knuckleberry.josh Level 1



                I figured it out. It is the point of uploading the files to the server. The

                server was searching for "index" named files but all the catalyst files were

                named "main".


                Should they be named "index" instead of "main" for the official release.



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                  thanks for the TIP on changing the MAIN.html to INDEX.html. Works PERFECT.


                  It is lot easier now to upload catalyst project on a webserver without the need of Dreamweaver or other programs. JUST a simple name change and DONE, the project can be seen on the web.


                  Thanks and keep posting tips like this.




                  How I did????



                  1. Upload the Deploy to Web files on to your server

                  2. change the main.html to index.html

                  3. refresh your page

                  4. type into your browser the name of your page

                  5. DO YOU SEE THE CHANGE


                  No need of DREAMWEAVER