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    how to make a nested tween....I think?

    busso djx

      Can anyone help?

      I have an owl in 3 parts, body & 2 wings all are symbols (movie clips)

      I have the bird flapping from making motion tweens of the wings

      I would like to connect the bird....make it fly across the stage & increase in size (free transform)

      can this be done?


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, though I cannot describe how using CS4 due to not understanding how the new way of tweening works.  The approach would be to first make a movieclip of the owl with its wings flapping animation/tweening, and place that movieclip into another which tweens the owl from movieclip from one location to another following what flight guide you intend.  If it is a straight path you could use actionscript for the flight tween rather than the timeline, but for first-time's sake, you should try it with the nested tween approach