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    DataGroup: alternatingItemColors ?


      How can I use the attribute "alternatingItemColors" with a DataGroup component? The DataGroup I'm using has an itemRenderer which has no background (no Rect or something). So I tried to place the attribute "alternatingItemColors="[#FFFFFF, #DDDDDD]" in both, the DataGroup and the ItemRenderer, but with no result.


      What's the way to do that? Thanks in advance

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          Paul The Lad

          I agree, this is confusing.


          With an out-of-box renderer, the alternatingItemColors works just fine:

                      <s:VerticalLayout />
                      <fx:String>primitive data 1</fx:String>
                      <fx:String>primitive data 2</fx:String>
                      <fx:String>primitive data 3</fx:String>
              </s:DataGroup >


          But with any custom itemRenderer, it is as if the property is not inherited and doesn't take effect. Why is that?