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    Coldfusion Builder beta 2 plugin installation on Eclipse 2.4


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to install Coldfusion Builder Beta 2 on my Eclipse 2.4 StandAlone...

      So, i'm using the Coldfusion Builder installer and choose the dropins folder to install it, but when launching Eclipse nothing related to Coldfusion builder appears.

      I've also tried to install it directly to the root of my Eclipse installation directory without success...

      I've noticed that there is nothing in the \features\com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.feature_1.0.0.253229-8LAqPgroE9KlmfZZdDcADiNC directory...

      When i install the Coldfusion Builder standalone, everything works nice.. and when i copy the content of the CFBuilder plugins, features and configuration from CFBuilder to my Eclipse, it works but i don't have anymore my other plugins (Flex Builder, FDT and so on...).

      What's wrong ?


      Thanks in advance